Making Bitcoin Useful

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced a white paper that could help to revolutionize the world. At the core, was the idea that the disintermediation of financial institutions would lead to greater inclusion and a more efficient global economy.

However, Bitcoin was invented a decade after PayPal, and there are a slew of other digital wallets and FinTech products that dominate the financial landscape. Competing with the global financial network is a formidable challenge.

Our mission is to make bitcoin useful by building use cases for things credit cards can’t do. Ours service enables users save 5-33% off Amazon, allows individuals to seamlessly sell products and belongings for bitcoin, and more. We also maintain bcoin, a fullnode bitcoin implementation designed for scalability and for use in production systems.

Energized at the thought of joining a team of misfits while revolutionizing global payments?

We’ve built a lean, elite team. That makes this a unique opportunity to build from scratch at a high growth startup with true product-market fit.

  • Work on the latest in Bitcoin with experts in cryptography, economics, and technology.
  • Get paid in bitcoin.
  • Drink Soylent, Lacroix, and Beer for free.
  • Earn Pre-Series A equity at an early stage start-up.
  • Work in heart of the Mission, in beautiful sunny San Francisco.



Open Positions:

Software Engineer – San Francisco, CA | Remote