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Press Kit

Date Publication Title
5/26/2017 Bitcoin Magazine Bcoin Protocol Gets Major Development Funding Agreement
5/22/2017 ETHNews Purse Partners with
4/28/2017 Live Bitcoin News Purse Platform Receives Big Update
4/04/2017 Coindesk Purse Proposal Touts Extension Blocks as Bitcoin Scaling Solution
3/14/2017 NewsBTC Purse & BlinkTrade Partner to Focus on Untapped Bitcoin Markets
3/10/2017 Nerd’s Magazine The Coolest Bitcoin Apps for iPhone
2/22/2017 Econotimes Purse Partners with Swiss Exchange
2/04/2017 BTCManager Bcoin, a “Menace” to the Network?
1/30/2017 How Bitcoin Apps Help People Survive Emerging Market Volatility
1/25/2017 Purse And ShapeShift Allow Users To Shop With Ether
1/24/2017 EconoTimes Bitcoin Startup Purse Launches Android App
1/24/2017 Coinjournal Bitcoin Has Many Fans at Amazon
12/30/2016 MovieTVTechGeeks Biggest Bitcoin Fact/Fictions
12/20/2016 Cryptocoinsnews Purse Partners with Coinsecure
12/03/2016 Brit+Co App to Save You on Amazon
12/01/2016 Coindesk Purse Invested in by Huiyin Blockchain Ventures
11/29/2016 Product Hunt iOS App Product Hunt Launch
11/25/2016 Bitcoin Magazine Purse 10% Black Friday Promotion
10/14/2016 Purse Partners with USendHome for International Shipping
9/27/2016 The Merkle Purse Partners with PIA VPN
9/27/2016 CoinJournal Purse Introduces Bcoin Fullnode Implementation
9/19/2016 Purse Partners with Unocoin in India
6/24/2016 Wall Street Journal The Latest Bitcoin Hurdle: How to Tax It
6/25/2016 International Business Times Bitcoin startups talk about Brexit price spike and government-backed currencies
6/6/2016 EconoTimes Bitcoin startup Purse rolls out new features for power users
5/25/2016 CoinTelegraph Fights for Its Share in E-Commerce, Launches Pre-Order Service
5/24/2016 Inside Bitcoins Co-Founder Explains How Bitcoin Enables Their Amazon Discounts
5/13/2016 NASDAQ Top 10 Myths About Bitcoin
4/26/2016 NASDAQ It’s 2016, What Are Bitcoin’s Real Use Cases?
4/7/2016 dinbits Purse Opens the Bitcoin Merchant Market
4/5/2016 CoinJournal Review: Imperfect But Incredibly Useful
4/2/2016 Zuu Online ビットコイン決済割引が魅力のeマーケット「パース・マーチャント」登場 (Bitcoin settlement discount is attractive e-market “Purse Merchant” appearance)
4/1/2016 Payment Week Purse Merchants Launches to Allow Users to Sell Products to Anyone Using Bitcoin
3/31/2016 Purse Merchants Goes Live with More Products than Amazon, eBay or Alibaba
3/30/2016 Coindesk Bitcoin Marketplace Purse Takes Page From Etsy in Expansion
3/19/2016 Clurdy How to get 30% Off from Amazon?
3/18/2016 Bitcoin Day Trading Purse now a marketplace for Ethereum
1/13/2016 Bitcoinist I use Bitcoin to Save Money
1/8/2016 CoinTelegraph 2015: A Watershed Year for Digital Assets
1/5/2016 CoinTelegraph Grows 12K+ Wallets a Day – On Track For 100M By 2020
12/19/2015 Bitcoinist Reveals Its Secret Platform Tritium
12/18/2015 EconoTimes Tritium is Purse’s Open-Sourced, Flexible Smart-Contract Platform
12/17/2015 CoinJournal Purse Reveals Details on Secret Project Tritium
12/14/2015 BTCmanager The Currency of E-commerce: Feature Interview With CEO Andrew Lee
12/11/2015 AllCoinsNews’s Andrew Lee Discusses Broken Bitcoin Commerce
12/7/2015 SiliconAngle Bitcoin to Amazon P2P service provider raises $1m seed round
12/7/2015 Coindesk Purse Raises $1 Million, Plans ‘Secret Bitcoin Project’
11/27/2015 BitcoinMagazine Announces Black Friday Deals – Save 20% On Amazon By Paying in Bitcoin.
11/19/2015 Bitcoinist PiperWallet Bitcoin Paper Wallet Printer Available Exclusively Through Purse Merchants
11/18/2015 InsideBitcoins Roger Ver’s 3 Favorite Bitcoin Projects Right Now
11/13/2015 BraveNewCoin Purse to challenge E-Commerce giants Amazon and eBay with bitcoin based marketplace
11/11/2015 AllCoinsNews Purse Announces Upcoming Bitcoin Marketplace
11/3/2015 99 Bitcoins How to Make Money with Bitcoin Using
9/7/2015 NewsBTC Roger Ver Q&A | ‘The Most Focused Man In Bitcoin’ Talks Comparative Advantage
8/28/2015 EFF Digital Rights Groups Team Up With Tech Companies to Fight A.B. 1326, the Virtual Currency License
8/27/2015 CryptoCoinsNews Investor Michael Terpin On Bitcon Consumer Adoption: “The Consumer Market Is Responding”
8/27/2015 Inside Bitcoins The Bitcoin Game #24 – Exploring Purse with Andrew Lee
7/29/2015 BitcoinMagazine Sees Record New Users and $24,000 in Purchases on Amazon Prime Day
6/6/2015 Inside Bitcoins Purse Instant and Choose Your Discount Review
5/15/2015 CryptoCoinsNews Here’s How To Buy Snoop Dogg’s New Album – With Bitcoins
5/13/2015 CoinTelegraph Top 10 Ways People Spend Bitcoins Today
4/29/2015 CoinBuzz Partners with ShapeShift
4/28/2015 Coindesk Bitcoin Marketplace Purse Unveils ‘Instant’ Amazon Shopping
4/28/2015 SiliconAngle Bitcoins for Amazon products outfit plans next move to airline miles
3/23/2015 BitcoinMagazine Decentral Talk Live: In the News this Week
3/17/2015 pymnts Coinbase Puts Change In Purse
2/18/2015 Coindesk Purse Launches Charitable Giving via Amazon Smile
2/16/2015 Bitcoinist Launches San Francisco’s First Bitcoin Retail Store
2/13/2015 Coindesk Purse Opens Nakamoto’s, San Francisco’s Bitcoin-Only Retail Shop?
2/9/2015 CoinTelegraph First Bitcoin Retail Store Opens in San Francisco
2/3/2015 The Guardian Bitcoin: Will 2015 be a make-or-break year?
12/5/2014 pymnts Purse – Finally a reason to use bitcoin?
11/27/2014 Bitcoin Magazine Announces Black Friday Deals – Save 20% On Amazon By Paying in Bitcoin
11/27/2014 Coindesk Closes $300k Funding to Expand Amazon Discount Service
6/30/2014 CoinTelegraph PurseIO Brings Bitcoins and Amazon Together, Offers 25% Discount
6/2/2014 Coindesk How Can Shave 25% Off Bitcoin Buyers’ Amazon Bills
2/3/2013 Forbes Feature on Purse Co-Founder Kent Liu