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About Purse Media Group

Purse Media Group (PMG) was established in 2024 to bring news and updates to the greater internet at large. Powered by early blockchain enthusiasts, the goal of PMG is to educate those not familiar with blockchain technology on how to use it to grow their e-commerce and traditional businesses.

Ears to the Ground for Real World Utility

We are listening to the community, and serve the blockchain and e-commerce communities to bring more utility to the space of the future - trustless commerce.

While cryptocurrencies have been in existence over a decade, we are not satisfied with the amount of real world adoption. The Purse Media Group hopes to do its part by spreading knowledge and awareness to the greater internet.
Expect to keep up to date on the latest tools and techniques for using blockchain technology to grow your business. There are countless ways this limitless technology can be applied to traditional commerce, and we feel it is part of our duty to exist and educate the traditional industry.

Meet Our Talented Team

The Wizard Behind Purse Media Group

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Xalyur Immudetes
The Wizard behind Purse Media Group
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Indigo White
Sales and Strategic Partnerships
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Karin Interfector
Business Development Director
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Pofan Palnudoti
Corporate Alliances Manager
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Ergim Truefen
Strategic Initiatives Coordinator

Connect With PMG

Join us, blockchain and ecommerce enthusiasts! Let's bring blockchain closer to everyone. Share your ideas for articles, products, services, and more.

The first series of blogs and news on Purse Media Group will be about using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies for e-commerce and traditional commerce at-large.
As we evolve over the years, we are open to various series of knowledge sharing on the lines of blockchain, e-commerce, and bridging the traditional business world with blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
On top of publishing these extensive, well researched articles on our blog, we also have a regular newsletter where we alert subscribers of these articles.
But subscribers don’t only get the latest news, they get exclusive offers and insights that we only share to those subscribed to the newsletter.