Animoca Brands forges alliance to champion Bitcoin and Web3

By Ertix Truepatch
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May 02, 2024
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Animoca Brands forges alliance to champion Bitcoin and Web3

Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based developer of Blockchain games and applications, recently took to social network X to declare its backing for the Opal Foundation, a new protocol emerging within the Bitcoin ecosystem. The company unveiled its ambitious vision of establishing itself as the leading Web3 ecosystem for gaming and educational initiatives revolving around Bitcoin.

An alliance has been forged, with Animoca integrating BLIF tokens, the Opal protocol’s essence. Notably, six companies within Animoca Brands’ portfolio have stepped up as pivotal members of this initiative, fostered by the Animoca-Darewise collaboration (Darewise is a subsidiary committed to pioneering the future of the Metaverse on the Bitcoin Blockchain).

In a 6-entry thread on X, Animoca has made a significant announcement, highlighting Bitcoin’s readiness for Web3 and the involvement of key players, like Xverse, ALEX, HorizenLabs, and Magic Eden. Animoca Brands CEO and co-founder, Yat Siu, expressed:

“Building up our presence on the Bitcoin chain through the exciting work of the Opal Protocol will help to advance our vision of an open metaverse in which all people have the opportunity to enjoy digital property rights and benefit from the power of network effects”.

Opal, a Bitcoin-based Web3 protocol still in development, already commands 277K followers on X… Going forward, all Bitcoin-based projects by Animoca will be closely aligned with Opal.

“Opal is the protocol unlocking web3 on Bitcoin with BLIF as a common incentive for all contributors to the ecosystem. BLIF will allow non-Bitcoin native to bridge & connect with the Bitcoin community but it will also support native bitcoin web3 applications to thrive”.

-Vincent Marty, Director of Product at Darewise.

According to the summary published in Opal’s litepaper:

“Facing a digital landscape riddled with fragmentation and limited accessibility, OPAL’s bold ambition is to reshape the future of digital currency and virtual interaction. Over the next decade, OPAL envisions a transformative shift: from today’s disjointed ecosystem to a harmonized, globally accessible digital realm where finance, entertainment, education, and decentralized governance converge seamlessly”.


About Animoca Brands

Last week, it was announced that Animoca Brands and Square Enix have teamed up to boost ‘Symbiogenesis’ marketing, the inaugural video game from Final Fantasy creators in the Ethereum ecosystem… Animoca is committed to providing strategic support to expand the product’s reach beyond Japan. The ‘Symbiogenesis’ plan includes making 10,000 NFT characters available once all game chapters are released.

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