Square Enix partners with Animoca Brands to enhance 'Symbiogenesis’

By Pofan Palnudoti
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April 25, 2024
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Square Enix partners with Animoca Brands to enhance 'Symbiogenesis’

Square Enix, renowned for blockbuster game franchises such as ‘Final Fantasy’ and ‘Dragon Quest’, has partnered with a leading player in the Metaverse realm to collaborate on ‘Symbiogenesis’, an NFT title. That partner is Animoca Brands, a team specializing in Blockchain game and app development. This collaboration aims to enhance the marketing efforts for ‘Symbiogenesis’.

  • The Metaverse is a three-dimensional virtual world where users can connect and engage in numerous experiences using customized avatars. Two prominent examples are Decentraland and The Sandbox (which Animoca Brands acquired in 2018). Keep an eye out for our upcoming article where we’ll delve deeper into this topic.
  • Symbiogenesis plunges players into an adventure set in a dystopian Earth besieged by a dragon. Available through the Web3 HyperPlay platform, the game plans to unveil different chapters alongside a collection of up to 10,000 NFT characters. This endeavor marks Square Enix’s inaugural venture into the Ethereum ecosystem. Join their Discord community by clicking here.

Therefore, Animoca Brands Japan will be dedicated to fostering ‘Symbiogenesis’ expansion beyond Japan while facilitating collaboration opportunities among Animoca Brands’ vast network of partners and companies – totaling over 400 Web3 entities. According to Naoyuki Tamate, the title’s producer:

“We are very excited about this initiative and look forward to working with Animoca Brands Japan to bring the Web3 experience to a wider audience in an even more strategic way”.

Kensuke Amo, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Animoca Brands Japan, made the following statement:

“Animoca Brands Japan is pleased to be working with SQUARE ENIX, an entertainment company that provides world-class content and IP that Japan can be proud of. We are proud to support the global development of SYMBIOGENESIS as we continue our work to make Animoca Brands Japan the Web3 gateway between Japan and the rest of the world”.


Recently, on April 12, Animoca Brands Japan revealed exciting plans for the upcoming summer of 2024: the launch of an NFT platform, the name of which will be unveiled in early May. This platform aims to bolster small Web3 projects by providing them with opportunities to sell their NFTs and offering support in sales and marketing strategies… ‘Symbiogenesis’ is set to arrive on this platform in the summer.

Square Enix has been exploring the Web3 sector for some time now. In 2023, as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations for the ‘Final Fantasy’ saga, the company launched a series of collectible cards that are also available as NFTs. Known as the ‘Final Fantasy VII Anniversary Art Museum Digital Card Plus’ collection, it showcases art and iconic scenes spanning the franchise’s two-decade history. Square’s page reveals that the game comprises 102 variants of normal cards, 102 variants of premium cards, 3 variants of secret cards, and 2 variants of super-secret cards.

If you’re intrigued by ‘Symbiogenesis’, make sure to stay tuned as the game will take center stage in our upcoming post next week // Subscribing to the Purse.io Newsletter will keep you in the loop with all our content. Also, we highly recommend following us on social media to get all the updates about Hamza.biz, the pioneering Web3 e-commerce platform powered by the Loadpipe protocol.


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