Finland Project Aims to Use Bitcoin Mining for Home Heating

By Xalyur Immudetes
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April 24, 2024
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Finland Project Aims to Use Bitcoin Mining for Home Heating

Hashlabs Mining, a Bitcoin mining company, has introduced an innovative project to use mining equipment for heating homes during winter… What’s the initiative all about? It centers around the Whatsminer M63S Hydro device, which made its debut in October 2023. Equipped with a liquid cooling system, this device can be submerged in liquid to safeguard its components against environmental factors. For detailed specifications, click here.

The concept hinges on integrating the Finnish district heating system with the hot water generated by WhatsMiner M63S mining equipment, facilitating heat transfer through insulated pipes to many buildings. This approach will promote renewable energy sources in Finland. Data from Statistics Finland reveals that since 2021, the Nordic nation has heavily relied on non-renewable sources, constituting 69% of its energy consumption.

According to Hashlabs Mining’s founder, Jaran Mellerud:

“Finns have developed one of the most advanced urban heating systems in the world, but the best provider of reliable, high-temperature water for district heating is Bitcoin mining”.

The hot water produced by WhatsMiner will replace the heat from facilities that rely on fuels such as biomass and other low-carbon heat sources.

Mellerud also mentioned that one of Hashlabs’ partners has already integrated two Bitcoin miners with district heating facilities, and they’re in the process of connecting a third.


Crypto Mining: A Never-Ending Source of Surprises

In recent years, mining sector has seen a significant boost in its capabilities. In 2023, Cointelegraph published an exciting interview with Tom Campbell, an Irish dairy farmer, who shared how he leverages excess energy produced on his farm by Bitcoin mining. By 2030, the Irish government aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by over 20%. However, Ireland’s agricultural sector is responsible for 35% of current emissions, with cows being the primary contributors - boasting over 7 million cows across the territory. Although many farmers are worried about the negative economic impact of government targets, Campbell is taking proactive steps.

To wrap up our discussion, it’s crucial to note that in November 2023, a significant development was announced about the well-established Bitcoin mining company, Marathon Digital Holdings. This American company, having previously expanded into the United Arab Emirates, is now gearing up to launch a mining farm in Paraguay. The facility will be powered by electricity from the Itaipú dam and will boast a capacity of 27 megawatts (MW).

According to the company:

Paraguay produces approximately 32 terawatt hours of surplus energy per year, which results in lower productivity for the utility and for the country. Bitcoin miners, like Marathon, have the unique ability to co-locate at sources of power that are producing excess energy, like the Itaipu Dam in Paraguay. For Marathon, such deployments provide us with the opportunity to reduce our power costs and increase our mix of sustainable energy. For utilities and countries with excess power, we can help them monetize their excess energy without having to build expensive transmission lines and additional infrastructure. We believe this project may serve as an excellent case study for the value Bitcoin mining can bring to regions with excess power. We look forward to expanding our operations in Paraguay and elsewhere”.

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