Strategies to attract crypto-friendly customers

By Xalyur Immudetes
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February 01, 2024
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Strategies to attract crypto-friendly customers

The influence of the crypto market continues to expand, prompting numerous companies to take notice. Many have recognized the importance of adapting to new trends, especially when they contribute to significant changes in the global financial landscape. We’re not just talking about superficial alterations but rather profound shifts. Integrating new techniques into your marketing approach poses the challenge of reaching customers who prefer to pay for their favorite products and services using cryptocurrencies.

Providing some context, reports suggest that in 2022 alone, around 16% of the United States population adopted cryptocurrencyThis marks a notable increase compared to the 10% recorded in 2020. Furthermore, the North American country boasts an impressive count of over 30,000 crypto ATMs scattered throughout its territory – an enviable number, to say the least.

The evidence strongly supports this notion: a substantial portion of the population has been drawn to crypto assets. In a global financial system seemingly caught in a perpetual erosion of autonomy, privacy, and innovation, this technology has managed to resonate with those with a long-term perspective, seeking independence from central authorities. It’s worth underscoring this point, especially when we realize that, with good intentions, some individuals perceive any attempt to deviate from the status quo as exceedingly risky and inconvenient.

We should never lose sight of a still-relevant aspect within the most thriving economic spaces, and unfortunately, one that is not universally embraced: competitiveness is the axis that ensures the vitality of markets. This transcends the subjective—it’s an inherent characteristic of human beings. Our innate desire for improvement drives us to repeatedly contemplate how we can evolve toward a more fruitful iteration of what we currently offer.

Distinguishing oneself requires presenting consumers with a more advantageous framework, emphasizing aspects that others might overlook, ultimately aiming to win them over. There’s no need to fear competition when you are proactive in embracing innovative payment methods, a crucial step in attracting new consumers.

This brings us to the focal point of our discussion: the significance of strategies to entice clients interested in transitioning from cumbersome cash transactions and traditional bank transfers to using cryptocurrencies.


  1. Educational program: While incentives and discounts hold value, a clear and instructional educational framework is indispensable. Cryptocurrencies have been part of our lives for over a decade, but their journey is incomparable to the established traditional financial systems they aim to surpass. Data confirms the continuous expansion of crypto in the global financial landscape, yet many individuals, despite resonating with the decentralized ethos, find the vast, rich, and innovative crypto world intimidating, leading them to postpone their entry.

Targeting such users and developing educational content on the safe and efficient use of cryptoassets is crucial. This significantly contributes to building trust in this rapidly evolving space.

  1. Rely on empirical evidence for publicity: Undoubtedly, an educational program yields even more significant benefits when coupled with an advertising strategy supported by concrete facts. If the numbers are present, if experiences have been rigorously observed and assessed through numerous investigations, and the results have proven positive, why not find a simple and engaging way to convey that knowledge to people? The evidence is available for greater purposes; all it takes is crafting compelling and verifiable messages to capture users’ attention. In this realm, the influence of social networks is paramount.
  1. Rewards: Reward-based strategies are timeless classics. Why do they endure after so many years? The answer is simple: they elevate the user experience, making the user feel like more than just a component that enables a company’s operations. Proven premises from the past can be readapted and enriched with additional value. In this context, providing rewards in cryptocurrencies can inspire both users already familiar with digital assets and those who are venturing into this realm for the first time.
  1. Fast and intuitive payment process: Cryptocurrency users embrace this technology for the promise of added financial independence and convenience, not complications arising from slow and intricate processes. Even when cryptoassets are accepted as a payment method, it’s crucial to implement all necessary mechanisms in terms of usability and human interaction to ensure the experience is as intuitive and efficient as possible.
  1. Discounts: Discounts stand as another example of a strategy that consistently yields positive results. They serve as a valuable tool for fostering customer loyalty, boosting sales, and adapting even during challenging economic periods. We firmly believe that there’s no reason to exclude crypto-friendly users from your discount offerings.
  1. Alliances: Competition and mutual assistance are not incompatible; on the contrary, strategic collaboration is something that can benefit all parties involved. It not only expands the reach of each brand but also enhances the level of credibility and trust. Coming together for joint marketing campaigns can be crucial for gathering insights into how our company is perceived.


More than necessary, it could be said that it is imperative to gain an accurate understanding of the current times. This involves staying updated with versatile and strategic tools to benefit consumers. The purpose of this note is not to convey an overly optimistic message encouraging any idea related to the crypto world but to remind users – especially small business owners – of the importance of leveraging new technologies to attract a broader audience and cultivate their loyalty. In this process, aligning many of the recommended techniques with the commercial objectives of our business is vital.

We couldn’t conclude without associating the effectiveness of the strategies discussed with our product—the LOAD protocol. This protocol essentially forms the core of a platform that we aim to position as a leading ecosystem, emphasizing security, decentralization, and efficient transactions. Through collaboration with LOAD, small and medium-sized business owners can leverage enticing rewards and discounts, immersing themselves in a new level of interaction with their audiences. With this protocol, we aim to adapt to the new reality of the market and contribute to the future of the e-commerce industry. It showcases our belief that cryptocurrency transactions will propel the engine of this intricate system, facilitating the participation of both buyers and sellers in an environment that is continually evolving.




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