Ways Forward for Purse.io Marketplace Legacy Users To Continue decentralized Ecommerce

By Xalyur Immudetes
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January 30, 2024
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Ways Forward for Purse.io Marketplace Legacy Users To Continue decentralized Ecommerce

Concluding a Stage, Initiating a Transformation

Purse.io, the platform that provided shoppers with the option to purchase products on Amazon using cryptocurrencies, will no longer continue its operations… At least not as users remember it. Since 2014, the folks at Purse.io set out to extend the influence of cryptocurrencies to multiple territories worldwide, offering an honest, practical, and innovative service. The intention was always to make more and more people aware of the potential that cryptocurrencies have to offer to the e-commerce industry. We believe, wholeheartedly, that great things were achieved.

It’s time to evolve

Purse.io, a space that significantly contributed to improving the finances of thousands of users over the years, may have had to close its doors, but that doesn’t mean its principles will disappear. Like everything in life, progress means moving forward, never backward, so Purse.io’s legacy will now be reflected in a new e-commerce platform powered by Web 3.0 technology, ensuring fast transactions, low fees, and no dependence on a central authority. We believe that the way forward is to allow shoppers and sellers to negotiate freely in a fair and transparent environment.

More freedom, fewer restrictions

We aim to take the concept of decentralized finance to a new level. The new platform will leverage the Loadpipe protocol –via the LOAD token– for governance, and will support various cryptocurrencies and stablecoins as payment methods –transactions will be powered by L2 Optimism. This will foster the creation of new local and global markets. Bitcoin support is coming soon.

Legacy Purse users wishing to withdraw their balance should navigate here https://www.marketplaceholdingscorp.com/helpdesk/ , where they can contact us for further inquiries and help on how to withdraw their funds.

From this moment on, you can access a test version

If you want to witness that this announcement is more than just a statement of intent, we invite you to join as a buyer or seller. For more information, be sure to visit https://blog.hamza.biz/raft/ and https://map.loadpipe.com/step1/.

Join us on the Project Raft test network at https://hamza.biz/!




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