Why Decentralization Matters in eCommerce (plus events & deals)

By Karin Interfector
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February 13, 2024
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Why Decentralization Matters in eCommerce (plus events & deals)

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Why is decentralization important in the e-commerce industry?

Today’s generation can only think about one thing when they hear about e-commerce, and that’s the path Amazon began in the 90’s. However, e-commerce didn’t start with Amazon, and its origins should not be solely tied to the advent of the Internet. As a matter of fact, the Internet represents the final step in a long journey that has been greatly shaped by human action.

When there’s freedom, human action thrives, allowing people to achieve remarkable feats. This process is so potent that it can even find ways around restrictions on freedom. This is where decentralization plays a crucial role.

Cryptocurrencies are gaining significant traction, not only in developing but also in many developed countries. Increasingly, investors and everyday individuals seek to conduct transactions within a framework of privacy and decentralization, which is where DeFi protocols come into play.

The concept is to remove intermediaries from financial transactions, offering an alternative to the traditional system where numerous middlemen charge fees. Here smart contracts come to light, which are programs stored in a Blockchain.

When it comes to decentralized finance, anyone with an internet connection can see what’s being done. This is the difference with centralized agents, which are characterized by establishing a wide range of conditions of use and complying with KYC regulations.

A wide variety of products, the presence of multiple suppliers, a simple way to follow all customer reviews… all this is possible in a decentralized e-commerce. That is why we want to introduce you to our LOAD protocol.

Read the entire note written by our wizard, Ertix Truepatch HERE.

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Today, we embarked on a quest to illuminate the importance of decentralization for the growth of the e-commerce industry. We explored how smart contracts can enhance reliability and transparency, paving the way toward a more robust online marketplace. The realm of DeFi finance has already begun to change the lives of hundreds, particularly those without access to traditional banking services.

We understand that these arcane subjects may appear intimidating to the uninitiated, yet their significance in shaping the financial fabric of our world is undeniable. As we journey forth, week by week, our sacred vow will serve as your guide, ensuring you are equipped to tackle each quest that lies ahead.

Prepare yourselves to explore truly captivating topics, such as stablecoins, NFTs, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain-Powered Gaming, among others. We shall summon thee for a new quest shortly, thus, wield thy enchantment staff and be prepared!


Karin Interfector

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