Welcome To The Inaugural Purse Newsletter (News & Updates & Opportunities)

By Karin Interfector
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February 07, 2024
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Welcome To The Inaugural Purse Newsletter (News & Updates & Opportunities)

Dear Enlightened Human,

Welcome to the new PurseIO newsletter and blog, bringing you news and updates and deals in crypto and ecommerce. You can read about the announcement of the new site here\ \ As a group of wizards, we wield a lot of magical power. I, Karin Interfector, am the editor of the newsletter, striving to include as much value as I can find. Fortunately, we will be emailing insights and deals, starting with today’s first batch of news.

Loadpipe …

Loadpipe Spotlight: Future of E-commerce is Coming

The new Loadpipe protocol has launched its first ecosystem marketplace - Hamza.biz and has opened the testnet, codenamed Raft. We wizards have heard there may be rewards for participating; a fairy told us.\ \ Want to participate in Testnet and be a first user in this platform and protocol? Read the official Hamza blog announcement HERE\ \ Curious about the Loadpipe protocol’s roadmap and short-term milestones? Read more HERE

Events …

Free Webinar - Blockchain 201: The Execution Layer\ \ On Tuesday 8pm New York time, join a live session from the team where we bridge the gap between transactions and the cutting-edge Web 3.0, unlocking the potential of the execution layer in blockchain technology.\ \ RSVP free HERE

Wizard Article …

Wizards’s Featured Blog Article on Purse

Why are stablecoins important for the e-commerce industry?\ \ Read what our wizard, Xalyur Immudetes,  has to say about it HERE.

Deals . .

Looking to buy deals on Amazon and earn crypto benefits? Then GETFRENZI has some offers for you

Offer 1 *** Luxury Watch Roll Close out\ Offer 2 *** Barware close out 

Want to know more about the terms and conditions and how to participate. Please contact us.


Karin Interfector

*PS: If you have ideas on articles for the blog, or news to include in the newsletter, fill out the form HERE*




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